A Summary of the attack on the #KJV

Source: A Summary of the attack on the KJV

In 1611, an English Bible, the last one to be authorized by a Christian King, was completed. This Authorized Version of the English Bible had been the subject of various plots against the state of England. A Catholic agent named Guy Fawkes unsuccessfully attempted to bomb the English Parliament in 1605, in hopes of killing the King and Parliament members, thereby ceasing translation work. Jesuit agents attempted to thwart the English Bible before its release by insisting that the Apocrypha be included in it. Catholic sympathizers even defamed the reputation of the godly King who authorized this translation by libelously claiming that James I of England was privately a homosexual.

Since then, attackers of the Authorized Version, now popularly termed the King James Bible, have exchanged the garb of Priestly robes for that of Doctoral robes.
Unregenerate scholars, during a time of abundant discovery of ancient biblical manuscripts, continued the Catholic Church’s offensive against the King James Bible by criticizing its translation, citing their academic expertise as qualification to correct the word of truth. Ever learning yet unable to arrive at the truth, theological scholars instructed generations of seminary students to critique and correct that incomparable monument of English literature. As these students followed their professors in their vain pursuit of wisdom, supposing that intellectual gain is godliness, they reduced the knowledge of the holy from a spiritual endeavor to an academic discipline. In exalting their minds above the word of God, scholars have made dozens of translations critiquing or otherwise denigrating the preservation of such passages as the ending of mark, making these new versions of none effect.

In the 21st century, there can scarcely be found a Christian who believes that the Lord Jesus Christ has perfectly preserved His word from its inspiration to the translation of the King James Bible, or in any translation for that matter. Unknown to some however, there remain a remnant of Christians who place their absolute faith in the words of the King James Bible as being the words of the original manuscripts themselves. These people are derogatorily labelled “King James-Only”. They are more aptly named King James Bible Believers.


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