#Rob #Skiba The Deceiver speaks about the #KJV / #AV_1611 @RobSkiba



#Rob #Skiba the Deceiver speaking on the #KJV / #AV_1611 #Bible.

Is Skiba a Crypto #Catholic
The YHVH is not a pronounceable name.
The Torah Jews never try to pronounce that word, they always replace that word with Adonai.
Mr.Skiba is incorrect and obviously does not know Hebrew that well.
I used to read Scripture in Hebrew & Greek.
I’m not an expert, but I am correct on this point.

Post-Trib is a false doctrine as is Hebrew Roots.

RichiefromBoston on YT prattles about using the KJV, but when Skiba came on denigrating it, he did not say a word and did not even realize that he was being lied to by Skiba.

I sent an email to Doug Hamp regarding this, simply because Skiba used Hamps name to back up his lie of ‘ Post Trib ‘ and the comments he made regarding the KJV Bible.

It was clear that Skiba tried very hard to stop himself from swearing when referring to the KJV.




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